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" This is how girls see man in these days"| this post caused a stir on social media

When someone says that a man should be a good provider, they usually imply that he should have a good career that pays well and allows him to support his family with food, shelter, and other necessities.

This concept of being a provider is deeply rooted in our culture and the male psyche. Men, in particular, are prone to being nervous and melancholy when they lose their work and consequently their identity as a provider.

Is this Switch of Manliness about making a decent living?

That idea of providing appeals to me. Rather than a man's identity and worth being determined by his salary, his ability to provide is determined by whether he has a vision for his life, leads his family with that vision, and is able to anticipate and prepare for life's storms.

But lately, it appears that girls are less concerned with love in a relationship and more concerned with money.

So the greater the pockets, the better for the male, which takes me to this photo of a lady who was uploaded with the symbol of FNB, a bank, and it captioned how girls regard men. Inferring that every time they see a man, they envision money.


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