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Women in these 4 Professions are Trusted in Marriage

The institution of marriage is significant and supported by several Bible verses, but I always advise people not to let others dictate when they should get married. Even though the Bible, Holy Qur'an, and tradition have stated it, those holy books and our lovely tradition have not specified a specific age range at which one should get married. Are those who ask you to get married but will never assist you in finding work or doing something to support your family qualified to tell you what to do in this situation? 

Before you tell me to get married, there are a few questions you should ask yourself first before telling me to do so. 

In order to manage a family, first and foremost, one must ensure that one has a home of one's own. One who marries in a rented apartment is likely to die young due to frustration and a lack of proper savings; imagine trying to budget for the next rent payment while also paying electricity bills for some landlords to enjoy. What happens to my family if I die in the rented house? What happens to my belongings after I die? 

Second, am I employed or engaged in some form of income-generating activity? Some people only talk about marriage because they want others to join them in the cage without planning. Those who tell you to marry will never tell you to come for financial opportunities if they are available in the cage environment. 

Third, am I medically and psychologically fit for marriage? Some people are uncomfortable discussing their health with you, and you can't just force them to do something they know they won't be able to keep up with. Don't embarrass them by asking this question. 

When you are ready, there are some professional women you can marry and rely on for a happier marriage. 

It is possible to be happy while married to either a nutritionist, matron, or a professional in hospitality management. They can cook and balance a diet that will allow you to live a long and healthy life; everyone needs a good cook. 

Another advantage is that a woman who works as a teacher is dependable; teachers are the types of individuals who have seen it all, tolerated all manner of students and their attitudes, and are capable of managing your children based on their own experiences. 

Third, you can marry a farmer if you find a woman who is passionate about farming and who is also passionate about life and nature. They are adaptable and can resist the rigors of the seasons, which can batter them into submission. 

In conclusion, a female Journalist has first-hand knowledge of what the world is like; they are similar to instructors who travel the world to learn about the problems that people encounter; as a result, they don't demand much because they've seen it all and instead choose to enjoy what they do have.

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