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The Long Road To A Healthy Relationship

Dear readers today we want to turn our focus on inspiring you that love does indeed exist. True love does indeed exist but love alone is just not enough to a healthy relationship. That's why I want to take this time and energy to list things that can build a long and healthy relationship.

1. Problem Solving

In a relationship there comes a time where you have to put feelings aside and this is that time where you put feelings aside. You don't always have to be a couple at all times, when you have a problem in a relationship you have to put your feelings aside and solve the problem as friends. Friendship is very important in a relationship and it's essential that your partner should be your friend. This will help you find easier solutions when you have problems.

2. Commitment

Remember when I said "Love alone is not enough"? Well this is the part where I make you understand exactly what I mean. If you want to build a healthy relationship you must understand that you need to be committed in the relationship by all means. Feelings are temporary so of course they'll fade away in a later stage but it's upto you to make sure you never give up your relationship because of feelings, you need to give it your all if you want the relationship to work.

3. Do Not Involve Friends In A Relationship

A relationship is a two way party involvement. Three is officially a crowd. Do not make the mistake of involving friends in your relationship. It's okay to ask "relationship advices" from friends but it's never okay to involve them to a part where they also decide your relationship's fate. If you have problems in your relationship do not let friends be involved. Let them watch, not decide.

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