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" Men don’t cheat, they just forget to tell us about their girlfriends "- Lady says

@snowey is being praised by men. She says men usually forget that they have girlfriends when they see beautiful women. Some men praised her, others even said she needs to be a speaker at their men's conference next year.

"Men don't cheat, they just forget to tell us about their girlfriends." She tweeted.

"This dude I met over the weekend straight up told me he wants me as his 3rd girlfriend. The nerve, but he’s such a straight 10, Cute and handsome. He charmed me, what do I do?" Said @Felzthebabe.

"How can we have other girlfriends if we are getting everything at home? Our ladies think if they don't sleep with us we won't get it next door. We are all about tlof tlof, and that's the one main reason we run after you. I'ts not your beauty or your heart we are after, give us tlof." Said @Blacknwhite.


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