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Ladies, Here Are Five Things To Do To Make Your Man Miss You

Every woman wants the man she is dating to miss her even more while she is away on business or vacation. Here's what you should do.

1. Leave something behind—this could be anything from a hair pin to underwear to earrings to a toothbrush. In the event that you leave something personal behind, he will think of you every time he sees it and may even be tempted to invite you over to hang out with him.

2. Embrace the scent of a signature perfume- Wear a scented perfume every time you meet with your man. The perfume leaves a strong scent on his skin that he associates with you. Make sure that some of this scent lingers on his clothes after you have hung him from a tree. Whenever he smells that scent, he will remember you and your kindness.

3. Give him some space- Don't call your man all the time, and don't be the one who always starts the conversation. Allow him to miss you by allowing him to miss you. When it comes to responding to messages, give yourself at least a few minutes to think about your response. It's critical to demonstrate to him that you have a life outside of him and that you are not entirely focused on him. These gentlemen despise the idea of feeling like they are in a competition with someone or something.

4. Leave him wanting more- Before you leave, prepare an incredible meal for him, give him a really good massage, or even spend quality time together so that when you leave, he will be left wanting more and looking forward to seeing you again soon.

5. Pretend you're not always available—Pretend you're preoccupied with other matters at all times. Don't always act as if you're waiting for his call to come in. Don't make him jealous of your socializing by treating him as a friend and insinuating that you're hanging out with other people. Make an effort to be a little mysterious in order to keep him guessing. If he knows everything about you, he will become bored quickly, and you will no longer be a surprise factor in the relationship.

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