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Opinion this is how people get stacked in abusive relationship

Many women stacked in abusive relationships where they can't find a way out or even to report the abuse to authorities or any where they can get help. There is many reasons that women who are abused remain in silence , some women who are abused simply don't know where to report the people who abuse them. In many case the abuse will act like they care but busy destroying you bit by bit they will first pull you away from the people who can help you in order to own you and put you in any remote isolated no one to help or to talk to about your problems.

The factors that can show you that you are in abusive relationship.

1 humiliation the abuse will always make things that humilate you infront of your or colleagues, this can happen at home or in public he will make you fill belittle and loose self esteem.

2 verbal insults the abuse can use insults like you very stupid you are useless or say thing that will destroy you in public or privately he will use unpleasant words that total will let you down.

3 physical violence this thing of physical violence starts by just raising hands on you it continues to just pushing and choking . Then he will physical beat you or hurt you with everything he sees deem fit to hurts you . Some use bare hands knives stones. But after that want to play inocent and ask for forgiveness after you forgive them the repeat the same mistake. Some will just twist your and make you fill pain.

4 controling behavior your partner will make sure that he withdraws you from family and friends he will pull you out of people who can realize that you are in a abusive relationship he will make sure no body to help you while he is abusing you and it will take time for you to realise.

5 unpredictable mood such person is unpredictable one minute is happy while saying he is happy he got angrily you cant understand him.this only done to intermediate you.

6 picking of fault your partner will blame you on thing that is beyond you he will blame he is always behind your mistakes to neutralize you.


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