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Dramatic Scenes As a Man Stages a Fight With Wife After Catching Her With His Nephew.


Couples have continued to split up because of little disputes that can be resolved amicably. Sadly, some of these disparities have resulted in the death of one or both of them. In some cases, innocent children have become embroiled in these conflicts.

At the Kobodo center in Ndhiwa, Homabay county, there were dramatic scenes.

When a young man named William Onyango's investigations led him to the center to hunt for his wife, who had been missing for three days, he was taken aback.

He had a feeling that a young man who was his brother's kid was making unwanted advances toward his wife.

He walked into the shop where his wife was with the young man as soon as he landed in the center.

The man leapt on the boy out of rage, but was overwhelmed by the boy, who severely beaten him before fleeing through the back door.

The woman became enraged and prepared a frying stick and a knife in case her husband attacked her.

This was the point at which all hell broke loose.

People cheered as the two struggled outside near to the roadway for around four minutes before the bodaboda operators removed them after seeing the woman had a knife in her right hand, ready to attack.

While the male went to the Kobodo police station to report the event, the woman was left unconscious on the ground.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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