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Look How Happy they are Knowing They wont be asked for Favours:See The post Left Mzansi Divided


A post on social media has caused a lot of tensions between black women and men this comes after a tweep Posted posted pictures of Siya Kholisi and Musi Mmaimane and captioned it "see how happy they look knowing they wont be asked for favours ".

Black men make it seem as if dating a black woman is a baggage .If they are not happy with black women they must stop complaining and go where they will find happiness.They believe that dating a black woman is like adopting an orphan and they want everything to be done for them .

Many black women are known for asking favours,demanding a girlfriend allowance and most of them dont want to work .Its not all who have that mentality but most of them definately think like that .

But comparing them to white women its unfair because white people grew up under privilege. They have trust funds and land that their fathers took forcefully from our forefathers also one thing they must know is that no white woman will settle for a poor black man.So they must keep that mind.So thats not unconditional love .Most of them their love is based on the pockets of a man too .

Black women everything they have they had to work hard for it from stratch .Many they didnt have connection or rich families .They are not trust fund babies .Also may grew up in unstable homes where they had to face horrible things .Some grew up it poverty and all they have ever known was lack .So forgive them if they are not a little too perfect.

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