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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

Are you having a bad day? Scroll through these memes and put smile on your face

How lonely are you?

Me: I'm back guys, the relationship did not work. When you have been heartbroken after you left without saying goodbye When the barber is cutting your hair shorter than you want but you are too shy to complain so you just sit there like

A relationship only becomes serious when you start sending money. Especially when you are both doing so In 2021 when people ask how are we, we must not say 'I'm fine'. We say 'I'm audacious, tranquil and gratuitous.' Levels!Every girl's dream is to have a boyfriend with such lips My neighbor's phone is missing. Instead of him to ask me he has just gone to his village. Is that how things are sort out? He should have shown him where it is without him asking She broke my PS5 so I turned all her wigs into mops. He has started a fight that he can't finish

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