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Strange marriages that shook social media, No:3 married a fish

Many relationships between spouses are incredibly strong. Some of them were so outstanding that they were highlighted on national newscasts. We'll talk about five odd social media mashups today.

1. Margo and Yuri Tolochko, for instance (the man who married a sex doll).

Yuri Tolochko has become a local celebrity entirely thanks to his faithful girlfriend Margo. Yuri's wedding to Margo last November was attended by all of his friends, family, and acquaintances.

After hearing the news, Yuri announced his few-month-old marriage to Margo to be formally dissolved.

Victor Peralta and Gabriela, the second (couple with the highest body modification)

The Peraltas, Gabriela and Victor, broke the previous record for the most intrusive cosmetic surgeries. The couple claims to have had 77 cosmetic procedures done, including one forked tongue, two ear bolts, and four ear expanders.

Victor and Gabriela are both ardent tattoo enthusiasts. Victor supposedly has 90% body coverage, compared to Gabriela's 65%.

Third and lastly (first woman to marry a dolphin)

Sharon Tendler gained notoriety after being married to Cindy, a dolphin. Sharon's first love, Cindy, is still in touch with her, according to an interview. The unique wedding of Sharon and Cindy immediately gained popularity.

Sharon had promised never to be married again because of her anguish over Cindy's passing.

No. 5 and 6 are by Sanele Masilela and Helen Shabangu.

Sanele Masilela, a 9-year-old kid, is the husband of 61-year-old Helen Shabangu, a mother of five. For a number of reasons, the 53-year age difference between Helen and Sanele made news. The images they captured instantly went viral online.


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