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Ladies Who Are Sadly Burn Victims Are Now Happy And Found True Love.

Most people would like to think that love is all about looks and appearances but that's is not always the case. Love is something you can't control, you don't pick who to love....your heart does that for you. That is why sometimes people find themselves falling for someone they never thought was their "type".

These women have tragic stories as burn victims but eventually life got better and they found love!

1. Pramodini Roul, was just 15 years old when a man threw acid on her face because she had rejected his marriage proposal. This horrific attack left her with life-altering facial burns and blinded both eyes.

But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. To everyone's surprise, Pramodini found the love of her life in hospital when she was in and out of surgery. The two plan to get married in the near future.

2. Terri Calvesbert was horribly injured when she was 18-months-old in a devastating fire at her home.

Terri suffered her burns after her negligent mother accidentally left a burning cigarette near her cot late at night which led to the fire.

But despite it all, she forgave her mother and found love.

3. As a baby, Annie Price was unfortunately a victim of a terrible fire that left her with lifelong scars. Annie's father is black and her mother is Irish. While Annie was growing up, she was told that her mother set fire to the caravan on purpose because she was worried that Annie wouldn’t be accepted for the color of her skin.  

After the fire, Annie was given to a foster family where she grew up a happy girl. And as she grew up, she had many surgeries and skin grafts to slowly heal her lifelong scars. But with all this pain, Annie stayed positive and eventually found love!

She met her husband, Sam at the gym and the two worked together and eventually formed a friendship that lead to feelings being developed. Then they got married and now they have a beautiful family together.

4. In a freak accident during a marathon in Australian, Turia Pitt found herself trapped in the flames of a wild bushfire that spread to her route. Turia was lucky to be alive because she struggled to stay conscious after excruciating burns cooked more than 65 percent of her body.

And the man who loved her before the accident, still loves her to this day even though she has changed and is a burn victim.

5. Karine de Souza suffers from a rare skin disorder called xeroderma pigmentosum, a condition that makes her skin extremely sensitive to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

Unlike the other women, Karine was burnt by the sun. She can't leave the house during the day like a vampire because of her condition.

But regardless of her condition and burnt skin, she still managed to find the love of her life. And he accepted her for who she is and they pair got married and will hopefully start a family soon.

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