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Your Love preference, Beauty or Character?

 Don't be fooled by people who play religion. Men see beauty first and then convince themselves that the beautiful woman has character. Character is a very relative term, everyone has a character because everyone is a character, it depends on who defines the character. 

 The Bible is not a religious book, but a handbook for life. Naomi shared the secret of getting a husband to Ruth. Ruth 3: 3 wash, perfume, and put on the best of clothes. He didn't tell Ruth to pray and fast, he didn't tell Ruth to work on her character, but he told her to work on her beauty and look attractive to men. 

 Beauty made Esther queen after twelve months of beauty treatments and six months of perfume and cosmetics (Esther 2: 912). Meanwhile, some women never perfume and take two minutes for facials. Your appearance? Do you need to show that you are made out of fear? Show that you are wonderfully made and show how wonderful you are. 


 For God's sake, dress up dead and donate the old sweaters you are wearing to a few villagers in need. You'd better freeze and shine. Learn to wear heels. Keep your legs shiny and learn to always wear a smile. Remember beautiful appearance does not spoil your inner beauty because men are visual beings who perceive shiny objects like squirrels. There is no sin in looking hot and attractive. 




 In the Bible the man of God Moses advised people to go for beauty Deuteronomy 21:10 12 the captives are a beautiful woman and you are drawn to her, you can take her as your wife. Take her home and cut her nails. 


 So how can you joke about how you look and hope to have a husband? Beauty is the magnet that attracts a man. The character is the glue that holds it in place. First re, veal the beauty and he will see the character. Follow me for more updates.

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Naomi Ruth


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