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Photo Of The Day: The African Female Couple Giving People Sleepless Nights On Social Media (Photos)

The vast majority of current events around the world give the impression that the planet is about to collapse. People are getting married to people of the same gender at an alarmingly high rate these days.

Some African countries, like Ghana and Nigeria have taken a hard line against same-gender marriage in recent years, while South Africa has welcomed it with open arms and since it has been declared a legal practice, some of the country's citizens are now taking part in it.

However, despite Kenya's efforts to discourage it, Makena Njeri and Michelle Ntalami have become one in-town couple after spending several years getting to know each other and falling in love. Even though they don't mind being referred to as lesbians, many people back home believe that they're a threat to the society they're supposed to represent.

It's a primarily religious society because of the high percentage of Christians. Several countries have legalized same-gender marriage to the point where no one can question the couple's relationship based on their sexual orientation.

They're particularly fond of sending love notes to one another these days through their social media platforms, particularly Instagram. They're always trying to impress others online with their matching outfits, and they post colorful images of themselves having a good time together in their costumes.

The fact that the country's authorities allowed them to get married despite the fact that same-gender marriage is illegal there has confused and dissatisfied many people. There are those who think this practice is out of place among Africans and worry about what it will do to the continent's youth in the future.

It's a crying shame that the majority of Africa's population is now adopting white culture. When it comes to cultural practices and traditions, we believe that the black race has them all. It's a shame that we've turned to a borrowed practice from the white one, but that's what we've done.

Do you think it's a good idea to legalize same-gender marriage in Africa? Is there a good reason or a bad reason? We'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject if you have any.

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