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Guy, Here Are 5 Things You Do That Hurt The Feelings Of Your Woman

People rarely think about how their actions toward women can make other people sad or wounded. You should not assume that a lady is not hurt just because she does not express it to you. When you say and do things that hurt a woman, she may not tell you about it. As a result, when dealing with women, you should be extra careful about the words you use and the actions you take.

You may not mean any damage as a guy, but sometimes you may not be aware that the things you do hurt a woman. To prevent hurting a woman, be aware of the things that offend her.

To all the men out there, here are 5 things you do that make women feel bad about themselves.

1. Making disparaging remarks about her.

Some males are clueless when it comes to relating to women, and their harsh and nasty language just serves to further alienate their female counterparts. A lady will take offense if you start speaking badly about her in front of other men. To avoid hurting a woman's feelings, men should never use unpleasant comments toward women who have done anything to irritate them.

2. Giving her less of your time and energy.

One more thing that most men do that offends women unintentionally. A lady will feel lonely and depressed if she is not given the attention she desires. She'll be down and out, and it'll hurt her feelings a lot.

If you don't want to hurt your woman's feelings, you should never offer her less attention than you would give to yourself.

3. Putting her up against other women.

When you put someone in a position of comparison, no one will get joyful or start laughing. Without realizing it, you're insulting a woman by making comparisons between her and other women. She'll be hurt and believe she's unlovable.

In your role as a male, comparing one lady to another won't lead to anything positive. Help her become the woman you want, not the woman you compare her to.

4. Ignoring her and acting as if she isn't there.

A lady will feel horrible and have her feelings wounded if you treat her as if she doesn't exist. It's very uncommon to come across individuals who show little regard for women and then treat them as if they were disposable. When a woman is regarded like an object, her feelings are bound to be damaged.

You, as a man, must respect and appreciate your woman. If you treat her as if she doesn't exist, she'll be upset and constantly cry.

5. Having an extramarital affair with her.

Adding insult to injury, this is another offense to a woman's sentiments. You will deeply hurt a woman if you betray her by cheating on her.

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