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Dlamuka is shattered he couldn’t stop crying, here is what happened #IsencaneLengane.

She's as of now been hitched for a considerable length of time, has had her conjugal issues examined and analyzed via online media and she's just 17. Her story has irritated up various South Africans who accept she's too youthful to possibly be hitched. They are worried about her future however Thando Msomi of Isencane Lengane acclaim says she has a reasonable arrangement for her future.

After that episode featuring Siyacela's grandmother, they probably said they won't be part of the show anymore, ugogo was angry and only wanted to clear her name, naye she was accused of practising witchcraft.

Dlamuka is frustrated, You're in a wheelchair needing the assistance of others, yet you're still rude? It really gets hard when a person grow old.

The Dlamuka family is applauded by the episode where Siyacela introduced his new lover, Manto. The whole family watching that scene was heartbreaking, Mr Dlamuka even she’s a tear after watching. thanks couldn’t even stand to see the entire episode she was hurt and went out immediately. I am defeated. How can Thando go through so much at her age. Siyacela is a disrespectful, rude abuser with no remorse. 

Imagine doing this to your father. A father who has been doing what he can to provide for you and your father.

Thando is fed up she went to visit her mothe and told her all Siyacela’s doing. She accused Manto for bewitching Siyacela, Siyacela no sis he’s a cheater. can someone come to Thandos rescue, many women stay because of the situations. can we all put our hands and help Thando. imagine staying with some you don't love.


She also mentioned to her mother that Siyacela Abuse her physicallly. I am defeated. I don’t think Thando does hit him back.I think she only said that because she realised that Siyacela might be in trouble if he abuses her that I hit him back was an after thought.You may found out Dlamuka family knows about this but they are not doing anything.

I don't understand why that man was busy shouting at Thando when her father was arriving , I'm really looking forward for this one because it really makes me angry.


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