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OPINION:Mistakes mother's do.

When babies are born,they don't come with instruction manuals.They don't come with a guide that allows parents to avoid making mistakes as they are being raised.

Every mother worries about making harmful mistakes that will scar their child and instill behaviours which are bad,all mothers make mistakes and children also test the boundaries of patience and rules.

Mothers are overwhelmed and they have busy schedules due to variety of activities as well as regular everyday work.We can say today, mothers are no longer multitasking but they are mega tasking.

Below are the mistakes that are common made by mothers:


Control freak.

Distant parent.


Not setting boundaries.

By being your child's best friend.


Always entertaining your child.

Controlling when your child sleeps.

Too much television.

It's ok for parents to make mistakes and it's also ok for kids to see that parents aren't perfect.It helps for kids to see what to do when these mistakes happen.

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