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Mzansi Pray For Lehasa and Pretty In #SkeemSaam. Here Is What Happened To Them.

As a student of the law, Pretty is working on a real-world case study, and the results of her work may even be published in academic journal publications. I am aware that the majority of us despise the plot, but this demonstrates to us that if we had told our families everything, no matter how embarrassing or painful it may be, like Khwezi being kidnapped or dating behind our parents' backs, we wouldn't be in this situation. They were going to take part in the investigation as witnesses.

Because this narrative has so many flaws in it, Pretty's family is unable to determine whether or not this was the outfit Pretty was wearing when she vanished in the video. At least the brother saw that she appeared to be scared and pointed it out to her.

The most infuriating and frustrating part about #SkeemSaam is the fact that the bad guys always win, while the good guys always come out on the losing end. At first, many viewers were confused by the storyline involving the Khwezi persona; but, we are finally getting somewhere with this. She was Lehasa's karma from the very beginning.

Mzansi has been offering up prayers in the hope that Lehasa may regain consciousness and be able to help Pretty. Peterson's ability to solve this issue is called into question by Mzansi, and Mzansi believes that Lehasa, the person responsible for creating this problem, is the only person who can solve this case. Peterson is unable to see that Pretty did not suddenly appear from Turfloop dressed in Lehasa's gown, boxers, and shirt and attack both he and Khwezi. Peterson is oblivious to this fact.

Peterson ought to be asking Khwezi how she obtained the video and why she is the only one who has it as the question to which she should respond. It is true that Lehasa deleted the film, but after Khwezi retrieved her phone, she spoke to an information technology specialist over the phone, and they were able to get everything back. Fans are happy Pretty went to a reputable abortion clinic in order to terminate her pregnancy. We are now able to access the patient's medical records. Psychopath That wasn't something that crossed Khwezi's mind.

If the hair thing turns out to be the murder weapon, Khwezi will have to explain how Pretty got a hold of it, stabbed Lehasa with it, and then gave it back to Khwezi. This will be the case if the forensics prove the hair thing to be the murder weapon.

I know that we all love Prehasa, but let's be honest: if your partner is cheating on you with another woman the day before he is supposed to pay lobola for you, it is enough to drive any woman insane; it is even more likely to do so if you have just found out that you are pregnant. I know that we all love Prehasa. Unfortunately, Lehasa won't share the truth, and Khwezi protects the privacy of his family's business affairs. You are aware that Lehasa is capable of doing anything to defend himself, and you should know that he will put Pretty in danger.


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