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Divorce Affair

After suspecting his wife of infidelity, this husband took his anger out on her phone.

Especially for men with trust issues who have married gorgeous women, it can be tough to believe that their wife isn't cheating on them. They closely follow her every move to make sure she isn't betraying them in any way. So that they can be sure she is not cheating, they listen in on her phone talks and watch her movements around the house.

Blogger and journalist Gwen Divy Ifeson published on Facebook the entertaining discussion between her suspicious husband and her male friend, which was conducted over the woman's phone while the other guy asked some amusing questions to ascertain whether or not her wife was cheating on him.

Take a look below:

Men should understand that every attractive woman deserves advances from men every day, no matter where she is or what she is doing. Accepting this fact, having faith in your wife's honesty, and moving on with your life as a married couple are the only ways your marriage will be successful.

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Gwen Divy Ifeson


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