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Man transacts into a woman, see her pictures below

A transgender woman by the name of Andile Peter is causing havoc on social media. She is a beautiful transgender woman who never hide who she was since day one. Andile always receive negatives comments from social media but that does not bother her as she knows who she want to be in life. Andile never hide that she was a transgender woman and she knew that she was different from day one and started her transition when she was in high school.

It is hard for the community to accept people like Andile but transgenders have been fighting for their rights since day one. Each and every day gays and transgenders are killed because of their identities but that does not stop Andile from bring true to herself. She is a beautiful woman and some woman wishes to be her. She always dress to impress and some straight man wishes to date her one day.

Not a day goes by without Andile posting a pic of herself on Facebook.Andile inspires people who are like her who wants to transact into woman. It is not cheap to transact into a woman or a man as ypu need to gp under surgery to remove the body parts you are not comfortable with and you have to drink hormones pills.

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Andile Andile Peter


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