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Why you should be afraid when your GF/BF asks for ID Numbers


Background story

It is said that people in a relationship are not meant to hide anything from each other. This has been a belief that almost everyone has had for many years.

It was true back in the day that people shared everything while in a relationship because times were different and people had good hearts, what the case of Rosemary Ndlovu has taught us is to be very careful with what we share in relationships.

The whole of South Africa is still finding it hard to believe that she did all of this and it is a great lesson to other people looking to learn from her story.


It has been reported on several news outlets that Rosemary Ndlovu took out policies on people she knew and then killed them for the return. She did it to the majority of her family members, but her lover was the one with whom she became the most filthy.

According to reports, she obtained 16 insurance policies in his name by using his personal information. These were policies that would kick in if something bad happened. His identification number was all she needed to complete the transaction.

After that, she killed him and received tens of thousands of rands in reward money. What this demonstrates is that individuals should be extremely wary of situations like this occurring to them. The only way to avoid this is by not disclosing personal information to your partner.

When doing so with someone you've married, it's safe; however, if you're not, you're putting your life in danger, much like Rosemary's ex-boyfriend did without knowing it.

My Opinion on this matter is this:

I believe trust is critical in a relationship, but not all degrees of trust is appropriate for a simple boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. It's possible that in order to be revealed, one would need to be married. People only have one life, and we can't put our faith in just anyone with it.

Rosemary's story serves as a warning to people in South Africa about the dangers of blindly trusting someone you've just met. What is your take on the matter? Do you think you can trust your girlfriend or boyfriend with your personal details?


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