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"Forget about six packs" Best ways you can impress your girlfriend

Pleasing or impressing your wife has become a difficult task for the majority of guys. Despite the fact that some men do their hardest to satisfy their wives in the hopes that they will love them more, their efforts are in vain.

Specifically, we will explore five methods that a man or a guy might wow his girlfriend or wife in this specific article.

1. A sense of humour:

The most essential item, without a doubt. You might be the most handsome person on the face of the world, and you could check all of the boxes that a lady is looking for, but if you don't have a sense of humour, you'll be in a relationship for no more than a few months at the very most. By humour, I mean clever remarks, perhaps a couple of jokes, and so on.

2. They have a pleasant scent:

I can't emphasize enough how critical this is to your success. A guy's fragrance may actually make or break a relationship (in the same way that I imagine you wouldn't want to date a female who always smells like perspiration). I'm not even kidding when I say that this might be the difference between being friend-zoned and obtaining a date in a single night. Not that you should bathe in Armani every day, but a couple of sprays on your neck and wrists should be plenty.

3. Intelligence:

While I'm not implying that you must be Albert Einstein, it would be good to engage in a discussion about literature, philosophy, art, and other topics every now and again. Demonstrate that you are a well-read individual. Prove to yourself and others that you're a fascinating person to chat to about something other than football.

4. Watch how you dress:

A personal objective of mine is to avoid any and all men who are dressed in tracksuits or sweatpants. Some girls are like that, but I am not one of them. In the same way that you must satisfy your sense of smell, you must please your sense of sight. Avoid going out in anything you find on your floor and expecting females to fall head over heels in love with you.

5. Have a lot of money:

If not in money, be wealthy in excellent manners, humility, and decent behavior; express an opinion, take her side, and maintain your own self-respect; and avoid falling in love too quickly if you do. Nobdoy is the one. It is the psychological influence of movies that causes us to feel loved. Usually, it is a case of desire.

6. Be polite:

People should be treated with courtesy. This isn't only important if you want females to like you; it's also important for individuals in general. But, of course, no female goes out of her way to find a douchebag (at least none that I know of). Respect others' feelings by saying please and thank you, refraining from being a smart-arse, and if you enjoy teasing, refrain from going too far.

7. Show that you're an interesting person as well:

As to what constitutes "interesting," that will depend on your perspective. Someone who has been to all seven continents, gone skydiving, met President Obama, and had to battle his way out of a room full of ninjas is considered intriguing by some. Many people are interested in the simple things like what sort of books you read, what sports you participate in, where you go on vacation, and so on.

8. Don not lie:

Despite how tempting it may seem, refrain from doing so. It will come back to bite you in the rear end. This is especially true given the fact that many young females are quite wary about trusting others. A single untruth, no matter how minor or inconsequential, will doom your prospects of getting a second opportunity.

9. compliment her:

A lot of females feel self-conscious, so compliment them on their appearance by saying something like "wow, you look very great today" or "your hair is gorgeous." Little compliments like these may go a long way in the eyes of certain women.

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