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Husband and wife relationship

Meet this Woman who have 7 husbands and says she satisfies all of them no reason for them to cheat

Meet this woman who have 7 husbands and she says she satisfy all of them there's no reason for them to cheat. In this 21st century people do whatever they want what will make you happy. In other countries the law of a woman to marry more than one man isn't approved. My opinion you live can do whatever you feel comfortable with but then people are judging or against of a man or woman marrying more than one partner. Some people's culture is against marrying more than one partner

Take a look at their picture together and to me they looks very happy together you can judge by looking at their pictures. They are happy family together. 

What is your opinion about these four men who married seven husbands? Leave your opinion below about what are you thinking about this. Watch how social media reacted to this woman's story.


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