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Madness Or Stupidity? Meet The Couples Who Perform Their Marriage Rites In A Coffin

Weddings are a fun and important day when people come together to celebrate their special relationships and promise to love each other forever. Every couple has their own concept of an appropriate wedding theme and a means of celebrating their wedding in order to make it memorable, such as this Thai couple that prefers to put a coffin on display on their wedding day. More than 100 couples have lined up to have their wedding ceremony performed in a casket, according to the Thai government. According to a story, every year on Valentine's Day and Christmas Day, a temple in Bangkok organizes a rather unique wedding ceremony. The event is mostly for couples who are about to marry or repeat their marriage vows. According to the Bangkok Post, the majority of couples chose to exchange wedding vows in the Bangkok neighborhood of Bang Rak, which translates to "Place of Love," while some opt for an unusual place like Wat Ta Kien in Nonthaburi's Bang Kruay region. According to their tradition, couples are supposed to present sacrifices to the monks and lie in a pink casket covered with a white sheet for the days ritual. The monks will have to pretend that the couple is dead and give them a new life before ending the prayers. The bride and groom would start their lives anew after returning from the tomb with all ill-luck banished, according to their tradition. According to the Bangkok Post, the practice is not intended to "dispel bad luck," rather it may serve as a reminder for couples to "live with the truth that nothing lasts forever because death will come at some point." 

Would you ever marry in a coffin if you knew it was the only way to ensure a happy and prosperous marriage?

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