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" Is one round enough" twitter went viral after this tweet


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"One round is not enough," tweeted

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Twitter users turn internet to be interesting after sharing their thoughts on how many rounds should be enough for one or two partners to be satisfied. However, according to the scientists, it is not how many or how long a round should last but the rhythm and the connection between two parties.

You don't get to be sad just because your partner can do more than one round, you are the one who is suppose to inspire them to improve their motion and confidence.

It was scientifically proven that most of women are not getting enough because 90% of man can't reach the orgasm, this is due lack of confidence and commitment to their partners.

Tips on how to perform better

•Find the right way to play with your partner

• Don't be shy

• Always be open to your partner

• Confidence and commitment is important

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