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Husband and wife relationship

Husband made to take pictures with a spoon to prove his home, This is also a form of GBV.

People you better date people who love you and trust you no matter what because what is occurring on social media is way greater than just insecurities. There is a post trending on twitter as a husband shared his chats between him and his wife as his wife texted him to check, if his home and then if his home he should putba spoon onto his head and take a picture with that spoon.

On twitter it was posted as me spoon because his been quite trending if your wife asks you to do this to prove that indeed you home would you do it? Just for the sake of peace. Here is the photo of the husband as his proving that indeed his home this is just madness.

The wife went on saying that he could have taken the picture yesterday but then still how would he and even take a picture with a spoon the day before?

The reason mabye that this husband is made to do this is probably because he has done something wrong some day and it led to the wife to nolonger trust him, because insecurities in ladies doesn't just grow something makes it grow and it could have been the husband who made it to be there.

If your wife asks you to do this world you do it? And ladies what is the reason why you would ask your loving husband to do this?

This are the comments that came after the picture was posted on twitter as people shared their views and opinions on the matter.

Source :Twittwr social media platform

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