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Making a girl addicted to you.

If you've fallen in love with your sexy friend (who happens to be a woman) or just went to a bar and wanted to pick up an irresistible girl, you might have felt intimidated.

Scared. Even nervous. But overcoming this fear isn't hard when you learn to flirt with girls in a natural and charismatic way. To attract a woman, you need to understand a few basics. You must be someone who can get her attention, impress her, and seduce her.

This means building chemistry and rapport, but doing it under her radar, so you don't come off as aggressive or weird. You can use these simple movements to get her to bed with you in no time.

1) Get physically close

Seduction can only happen if you are physically close to someone. The first thing you should do is approach her, introduce yourself, and be warm and friendly with her.

You don't have to pick it up first, that will only turn it off. But show authority and confidence, and that you really care about your life and your own interests.

2) Ask her questions and get to know her

Being sympathetic is important. The only way to do that is to bond with her on common interests. Talk to her and get to know her, ask questions about what she likes.

And besides, you should really take an interest in it. Make sure you remember what you hear from her. If she likes sports, clothes, makeup, whatever, just find a way to connect with her on it.

If it's a topic you don't know yourself, don't worry; just ask him more questions. You can text her when you get her number asking her last purchase or last makeup choice, or maybe how she got her hair done.

Try to keep the conversation going with her, but if you find something that you both like, the more the merrier.

3) introduce a little privacy

The best time to text her is to talk to her at night or when you know she's in her bed.

Why? Because this is the most comfortable and sexy moment of her, and when she is likely to let her guard down with you.

You can start off with a light flirtation and chatter in the first few conversations, then progress to a slightly more suggestive conversation and have her flirt with you.

If you see her responding positively ,it's a clear sign that she is in you.

4) live a double life

Be a sexy naughty flirt at night, but when you see her in the daytime don't even mention the flirting stuff. Just talk casually and be cool - especially if there are friends around.

You should only talk about flirting when you're alone, which convinces her that the two of you have a secret, passionate love affair. And no one needs to know except you two.

5) Don't mention how much you like her

A lot of guys make this mistake, but the key is not to show how much you like it. The second you say that to him, you will lose the atmosphere of suspense that you have created.

She already knows that you like her from the flirting, the texting, and the attention you give her. Her curiosity and her enthusiasm are what makes her addicted to you, and you don't want to end that by revealing too much too soon.

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