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Man Changes His Wife Tatto After They Filed For Divorce: See This

Divorces come with alot of change for many people that change is Physical.

This was a story of a guy from Durban eThekwini, where a guy had married his wife for 5 years.

In that 5 years of being married he ended up getting a tatto which was the face of his wife, which after he told us that the wife also did get a face tatto of him.

Once the marriage ended he than decided to to the Durban Ink Crew to have the wifes tatto changed, as you can see in the picture provided.

The thing that gets us the most is the choice of cover-up he choose to hide his former wife's face.

A divorce is very hard on people who have been married for a long time, and 5 years may seen small but believe me it a very long time to share your all with another person.

After the divorce hearts are broken and only the strong can survive this emptyness, but finding your self as a person is even more important.

The husband really did not want to remember their marriage in any form of way, as he said he started afresh from everything after the divorce, he really took it had.

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