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SkeemSaam: See how Tlotliso's wife will attack Clement for having an affair with her husband


Women have problems, I don't know where they get the nerve to come for the other woman (Clement). She should deal with her husband a tloele Clement, that Tlotliso guy is nonsense, just imagine finding out that your man is sleeping with other man disgusting. If I was her I would leave the marriage there's just something with these type of men. It looks like Tlotliso will come back again running after Clement trying to manipulate him, and telling him all that nonsense that he knows will believe.

Lesson learnt married men will never leave their wives. The way i jumped when Nothile says she removed her womb and Pretty aborts the pregnancy, I love it whem Lehasa loses cheers to Fanie and Sonti. To everyone I hope this was a lesson, always make sure you have enough money if someone ditches you because if a man can do this to another man its the end of world.

In most cases women dnt blame their hubbies for cheating on them but rather beat up the other partner. Sometimes the other partner is just a victim who was told that hubby doesn't have a partner. Easy to blame him and not her husband she signed marriage contract with Tlotliso not Clement, She must put her dog on the leash and stop fighting Clement. Clement is a victim in all this, just like she is but she will blame Clement not her husband.

Never attack another person for your boyfriend's stupidity. If he knew your worth he would've respected you enough not to include a 3rd party in your relationship. Some people really have no respect for themselves. Why in world would you even wanna ask that question, You should've just pack n left. What her husband did to clement was not good at all he led the boy and sell him lies yet he knew that it's all lies, but red flags were there as well but clement didn't notice because he was madly in love.

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Clement Tlotliso


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