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There is a Secret that women should not know about men

There are so many things about men that women should know. Maybe you’ve been dating a man for a while, or maybe he’s just new to your life. Either way, there are some things about men that you probably didn’t even know. Perhaps you’ve been with your boyfriend for a while, and you’ve started to think that you know him better than you actually do.

There are many things about men that are better left unknown. From dirty jokes to the size of their penises, there are plenty of things about men that are embarrassingly private. But there are some things about men that women should know. Like how men are completely oblivious to how much they hurt women with the things they do, like saying no to dates because they’re too busy or taking a long time to reply to text messages.

One of the great things about being a man is that you don't have to think too hard about your emotions. They're just there, ready to be used and displayed when the situation calls for it. But when it comes to your emotions, women often have to operate on a higher level. They have to understand and decipher what their partner is feeling without being told.

Women have been taught to be wary of their men for their entire lives. They’ve been warned to keep their guard up at all times, to never get too comfortable, to always be on their guard, and be ready to run at the first sign of danger. It’s no surprise, then, that when women finally start to feel comfortable in their relationships, they often feel the need to start learning things about their men that they never bothered to learn before. But what happens when you learn things about your partner that make you feel uncomfortable like your man is a serial killer or a pedophile?

Women have intimate knowledge about men that no one else does. They know the things that men don’t want you to know. They know the things that make men uncomfortable. They know the things that make men angry.

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