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3 Ways A Woman Can Test You Before Accepting To Date You

You'll be hard pressed to find a woman who will enter into a relationship without first observing the man to gain some insight into his character. This is usually done by women to ensure that he is the type of man they desire.

When you first meet a woman and express your interest, she may go expressionless or mute for a few weeks to see if you have a short fuse or can tolerate her attitude.

Normally, this is an opportunity for a man to show his maturity by not reacting negatively to the lady's attitude. Some women admire the thrill of the chase in a man who is interested in them. To them, it's a thrilling adventure

They know that if you get a yes quickly, you won't feel compelled to pursue a relationship with them. While you're chasing them and they ignore you, they're paying close attention to your reaction to them. Here are some of the ways she might put you to the test:

1. She will decide not to answer the phone or respond to text messages. She'll do it to see if you're going to send her abusive messages or block her because she ignores you. She will attempt to do so for a period of time before deciding to pursue a relationship with you.

2. She will ask for your help, and you will notice if you begin to avoid her because she requires something from you. She simply wants to know if you are a caring or careless man.

4. If you tell her you want to meet face to face, she will decline your request and wait to see how you react. She wants to observe whether you are only interested in her body or whether you want a serious relationship.

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