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" Married men absolutely hate wearing condoms- Experienced Lady

When you like a guy, there are times when you end up being willing to settle for whatever role he will give you, including being his side chick. Some people are doing it for the purpose of making money. Keabe Modise claims that she only dates married men because they know how to properly care for women and provide for them. She claims that she is proud of herself and that it does not matter to her what other people think of her. The only thing that bothers her about them is that they enjoy having unprotected sex and that they are always trying to get her pregnant. This is the only aspect of them that she dislikes.

"I have a lot of experiences to share with you regarding married men.

When I went to see this person in KZN for the one and only time, he left at two in the morning and told me he'd see me in the morning. I've spent a significant amount of time dating married men. In nine out of ten cases, my romantic partners have been married men. Condom use is something that married men strongly dislike doin." What she said was:

"To summarize, she claims that she has spent the majority of her life dating married men, and that when they sleep together, she does not use a condom. I can't believe you said that." Said @ shaunkeyz .

"Internet doesn't forget. They will keep this information in mind in three years. Certain things should be kept to yourself, or you could call a friend and talk about them." Said @Kena_.


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