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Here are Some Signs that show you are afraid of intimacy

For most of us, being happy and finding people we love and who love us in return is often the ultimate goal in life. In fact, research even proves that the most important determinant for a person's happiness is the quelity of their personal relationships. We spend years and years cultivating and trying to figure out where we belong, who we should give our hearts to, but when we finally know the answer, we sometimes can't help but run away in fear.

it can be scary business to let yourself be emotionally vulnerable with someone. Having a fear of intimacy is perfect understandable, especially if you have a history of failed relationships and emotionally distant or absentee parents. It could lead you to push away people whom you most need and want in your life, often without meaning to, and doubting the stability and security of our relationship.

With that being said, here are some telltale signs that you might be suffering from a fear of intimacy.

1) You're afraid of abandonment

Oftentimes a fear of intimacy stems from deep seated unresolved issues of you being afraid of being abandoned. Those of us who grew up with single parent households or even without parents have an anxious avoidant attachment style and most likely to develop fear.

2) You're fiercely independent

There's nothing wrong with being independent, of course. It's good to be competent, knowledgeable, and self sufficient, but you should also know how to ask for help when you need it. If you're too independent, you will try to do everything on your own, because you take pride in never needing anything from anyone. In many ways it makes you feel in control of your own life and enables you to keep your emotional distance from people by never allowing yourself to depend on them or need them.

3) You like people who are bad for you

Do you have a history of falling in love with all the wrong guys or girls, do you find yourself attracted to people who are emotionally unavailable or distant in some way, Or maybe abusive, rude, or unfaithful to you. Picking unhealthy partners is a common characteristic seen in those who have a fear of intimacy, because it allows them to avoid getting too close to the person they might like and risk them being disappointed.

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