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"Hello future hubby, l hope they keep hurting you till you find your way to me." A lady begs

I think a desperate woman that will do anything for love can be very dangerous. I also think a girl should never be desperate . It makes her vulnerable. Love can't be guaranteed. Never stop looking but also never be too keen.Wait for the right guy.

That's what l would tell this lady who is desperately seeking for a man, she got the attention of many after she posted this.👇🏾

There is a quote from an anonymous writer that says, "Desperation leads to an irrational view of judgement!!"

In this case, especially taking the quote into consideration, it tells desperation for anything will make you a irrational thinker. Talking about what a girl should do when she is desperate for love is “ Its never a person will be desperate for love, they search something in other person which they don’t have currently, it may be emotion, material, finance, and others. I certainly think this lady needs to think what she is searching in another person and see if that can be gained without being desperate. 

Just my two cents, what's your take on this situation?

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