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The Secret To A Successful Romantic relationship

1. Accept That You Are Also Difficult To Date...

It is natural to think that the problem in your relationship is your partner, and not you. But the truth is that you are also a problem. Accepting this truth will help you maintain a calm posture during moments of misunderstanding.

The major problem in every human relationship is that we blame others more than we blame ourselves. Learn how to take some of the blames. Verbalize this too. Say this to your partner as often as possible "Honey, I need to remind you that I am still working on myself. I know that I am not perfect. I know that I can be selfish sometimes. I know that I can be difficult too. But I promise you that I will continue to work on myself until I become a better version of me. I love you".

Try this and you will thank me later.

2. Study Together...

You may not believe this... It may also be your first time of hearing this... But research has shown that a couple who are exposed to the same kind and level of knowledge are less likely to separate.

When your partner knows what you know, you will have richer conversations, more intimate mental connection and it can also enhance your sex life.

Every break up starts from the mind. When the mind begins to drift away and conversations rotate only around responsibilities, bills etc resulting to a transactional relationship void of intimacy. Sex becomes a duty and kissing becomes a thing you see in the movie.

Sharing knowledge and pulling each other into your individual interests can be challenging but it is rewarding. If you are in Technology and your partner is in Healthcare, the success of your relationship will be determined by your ability to study new developments in Healthcare and help them to study new technologies. This way, you can have richer conversations and enjoy more intimate moments.

3. Regular Sex Is Important...

Have it in the car. Book into hotels randomly. Send the kids to play with other kids and have your adult moment. Do not have rules when it comes to sex. The biblical Adam and Eve were naked and had no shame. Do not be ashamed of being your partner's sex freak. One of the most powerful connections in the universe is SEX. The world rotates around it - 99% of us are products of sex. Have an open mind when it comes to your sex life with your partner. Don't be traditional, religious or rigid. Be flexible and easy to go. When you start feeling some disconnection sexually, don't worry about it. It doesn't mean that you are falling out of love. It just means that you are human and it is human to feel differently at times. Communicate your feeling of disconnection and let your partner know that it is only a feeling and doesn't define your love and adoration for them. The best time to have more sex is when you don't feel a disconnection. Don't stay away and say you are not in the mood, engage with your partner and soon, your freaky mood will be restored. It's in the mind.

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