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Guys, if a girl asks you these questions, it means she cares about you.

Naturally, it is tough for a woman to tell a man or a guy that she likes him, and even more difficult for women to propose to men. When a lady has a crush on you, she may ask you specific questions to let you know that she is interested in you, but many guys overlook the questions that women ask when they have affections for them. When a girl starts asking you these questions, she is desperate for you to act.

1. She'll give you subtle hints if she likes or is into you, such as acting shy in front of you or laughing at your most shittiest jokes. She'll make an effort to be present in locations where you're frequently seen. She'll make it clear that she's unmarried and looking for love.

2. If a girl asks you, "So, what do you consider to be your type of girl?" Or anything remotely linked to that, it's a sure sign she's interested in you, if not outright crushed on you. If a girl likes you, she wants to know if her feelings are genuine. Hopefully, she'll be more tactful than a drill sergeant who's taken a shine to a new recruit.

3. She'll ask a lot of questions, giving you an opportunity to elaborate and/or ask more questions. “What is your favorite band or artist?” for example. “Of course, I enjoy them as well. I particularly enjoy their most recent album.” “Have you seen them perform live?” No? “Oh, I think we should go!” Alternatively, "Do you enjoy sports?" “I am a huge sports fan!” “Are you a sports fanatic?” “Do you have a favorite sport?” If he says golf, for example, I'll remark, "Oh, I bet you're pretty good!"

4. If a girl likes you, she'll ask a guy for advice on something she's having trouble with. She might, for example, inquire about the meaning of a caution light on her car. She'll then act as if he knew exactly what she was talking about. Girls do these things to show him that they genuinely care about him and want to learn more about him, not to be phony or superficial.

5. If she really likes you, she'll delete tinder or any other dating app because she's only interested in you. She'll text you about what happened, such as if she doesn't have electricity in the house or if her network is down.

6. She'll make friends with your acquaintances and friends in order to learn more about you. And, if she's your buddy, she'll strive to impress your parents by demonstrating her culinary abilities.

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