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Why You Should Not Date And Marry A Domestically Violent Man

Whether you love him or not, dating and marrying a violent man is one of the worst decisions you can make in life. Dating and marrying a violent man, commonly known as a "wife beater," is a suicide mission waiting to happen in the future, because you may not live to tell the tale.

There is no denying that no guy is perfect or faultless. While no one is perfect, there are some harmful behaviors that we should not tolerate in the person we are dating and hoping to marry since they may cause us to regret ever meeting them. Don't make the mistake of dating and marrying a violent man for the following reasons, among many others:

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1. It may result in your premature death.

When a man loses his temper due to misunderstanding, he may strike you in a highly sensitive and vulnerable portion of your body. If you are not careful, you may die young, and if you survive, you may have a part of yourself damaged for the rest of your life.

2. It has the potential to harm your children.

Domestic violence's impact does not always end with you as a woman. It can also benefit your children psychologically. Children (particularly male children) who are exposed to domestic violence episodes from their parents may grow up to be violent towards their relationships. Female children may believe there is nothing wrong with it because it is becoming the norm in the environment in which they were reared. The rationale is simple: children look up to their parents as role models and believe that everything their parents do is correct.

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3. It is possible to have miscarriages when pregnant.

When violent men are enraged, it's amusing to watch them act helpless. So much so that they can hit the lady in their lives wherever their brains guide them without thinking about the consequences of their actions. When provoked, a violent man may not even think twice before hitting and kicking you in the stomach. If the hitting occurs while you are pregnant, you may lose your baby if care is not taken.

Nonetheless, if you didn't realize he was a violent person and you married him, run for your life once he has demonstrated that he is a violent person (he has hit and blown, flogged you with a whip on multiple occasions repeatedly) and you have felt the effects of the beating several times.

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Some might recommend that you pray for him to change. If you decide to take that advise, no issue; you can pray for him to improve, but you must do so outside of your marital house. Remove yourself from the residence. It is also acceptable if you despise the notion of divorce, even if it is the last resort. Instead of divorcing him, move the residence to a secure location. Before God answers your prayers, you must not pray for him at that house. You should know that God can answer prayers outside of your marital household.

Staying in the house for your children (as some of you may wish) is not a good idea since they (children) will not want you to. Would you want your children to lose their mother if you were beaten to death? Of course not.

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