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Lady Reveals The 2 Things She Wants From A Man Instead Of Money

After revealing that she wanted something else from a man outside money, controversial Relationship and Mental Health Therapist Blessing Okoro Nkiruka has raised eyebrows. It's been a while since Blessing Okoro hasn't been in the news for her controversial love advise for women.

According to video blogger and therapist, women are to blame for their men's inability to stay in bed for more than one minute. Many people took issue with her remark that guys don't stay in bed more than a minute because their spouses are too sweet and can't control their emotions. In response to Blessing Okoro's words, a large number of people voiced their opinions, with the vast majority agreeing with her.

In a recent video, Blessing revealed that she is not searching for a partner who will offer her money because she already has plenty. She remarked that the main qualities she seeks in a partner are loyalty and reassurance in her own words. She considers a successful relationship to be more about love and trust than it is about tangible things like money.

The most recent blog post by Blessing Okoro

According to a video she posted with the caption: Assurance and loyalty are essential!, this is all many women want in a man. So long as you keep your money, there's no way I'm spending it." You will find that women desire reassurance that they are deeply adored. This aspiration is shared by everyone. There is no other way to say it, but I love you and I want you." Everything I do will be centered around you from now on. Whatever the situation, we'll deal with it! The majority of women want to hear, "That's all there is to it."

Blessing's CEO echoes the sentiments expressed in the video. She continued, "This is all I want from a man." You better watch your money, since I've got a little of it too. "I need your undying loyalty." It also takes advantage of the chance to educate women on the importance of not putting money first in any relationship. Blessing CEO Loyalty and guarantee of love should be the most crucial considerations in relationships. The CEO of Blessing believes that these two qualities are precious.

Fans' and followers' reactions to Blessing CEO's statement have been mixed. "I'm not sure what women want exactly, but I thought you said that any man who doesn't give a woman money doesn't love her, and that love comes with giving?" said one man. Some people consider money to be more important than love in a relationship, while others believe that a marriage should have both.

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