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So a full moon happened on Friday 03:57 am and its effects have lingered throughout the weekend, all these effects are teaching you a lesson. Lots of accidents happened last, lots of breakthroughs happened last, some people broke up this week, some people met their soulmates, some people finally understand their partners, some people found out the truth about their partners. Relationships with friends and family are unconsciously changing for your benefit, you'd realize you've met or seen old friends old family members, old ex's. A lot of things have been breaking, hearts, spirits, appliances, cars, water pipes, mirrors. Other people fell and hurt themselves, because of fear of the unknown. The full moon encourages you to change, for example, you've been fearing snakes the full moon encourages you to like a snake, if you have been asking yourself why someone is doing whatever, the full moon encourages you to look at the situation from that person's perspective.

Basically, the full moon encourages you to look at any situation from another point of view, it encourages you to take out the trash and start again, it encourages you to be vigilant in your steps, it encourages you to stop investigating why your problems are happening and rather investigate how to solve the problems, it is encouraging you to stop focusing on the old wounds but to learn from them so you can focus on healing.

During this period you are releasing, pain, anger, hurtful relationships, trash, etc.

You saw the wild storm that happened on Thursday and Friday, that storm was the universe's way of clearing out all the dust in our life. Someone woke up and the house was full of water, someone got drunk last night and really hurt themselves.

All in all, what I'm trying to say, you have two choices you can walk and look down all your life and see only what you want to see, or you can look up, the moon encourages you to look down, up, left and right, the full moon teaches you lessons.

Be careful, do not drive or drink tonight, make sure the taps are closed, make sure doors and windows are locked, make sure your stoves and candles are never left unattended because the effects of the full moon are still happening.

You've had a long year thinking and thinking, some stop bad habits, you actually grew up, you actually changed, the full moon encourages you to change, learn from your mistakes so that you don't wind up in the same situation, let's say you get the best salary but, you have nothing to show for it, why? Probably because you have an addiction and you put every cent you accumulate in that one thing, an addiction is not just sex, drugs, and alcohol, an addiction is anything you do in excess, it can be that you have an addiction for shoes, for pain, for anger, for happiness, for fear, for cars, for arguing, addiction not only steals your energy but it will kill you, the full moon encourages you to do the opposite of whatever is going on in your life.


photo cred: @sanelematsolo

Content created and supplied by: Misnkoana (via Opera News )


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