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Husband and wife relationship

We pay R300k as husband allowance to any man who will marry us, payback time. Ladies in red dresses

Source: Facebook

Social media is a platform where people meet people and where people shares their memories. Some uses a platform to advertise their business while people are scrolling down their timeline to reach them. While scrolling on facebook, came across this post where thses two ladies are willing to pay R300k a day to any man that is willing to marry them. They shared this post because they have heard enough of relationships that doesn't seem to end in marriage.

There is a completion on social media amongst these ladies of which one will be married first and last irrespective of which one offers the highest husband allowance each month. Some offer R1000 a day to spend in everything you want for the day and some only pay after 31 days a month.

Blessings says she has what it takes to take care of a man. She can clean the whole house without asking a man to help or another person. She can allow you to go play soccer, do shopping of everything you want, hang out with friends every time you want but warns that time is precious for the both of you.

There are many things Blessing said, she spoke about a man should always appreciate what she will offer in the relationship and to wipe her tears whenever she cries also to listen to her complains about her. She says that you shouldn't make her complain because this is what made her to leave other man, where she got all the money to give you every month as husband allowance.

Meet Jessica, she is a young beautiful lady who is also offering R250k a month as husband allowance to any man that is willing to marry her for lifetime. She doesn't have much to say but she say you should honor her wishes as her future husband. She talks about you having to know time, know that all the time in the world it's hers. She is not working, like she doesn't go to work in her life, she own her online shopping company that makes profit up to R1 million in two weeks.

Jessica is staying in a big town house and doesn't own much of properties. Only a couple of 3 Range Rover and one Porche. She ask a man to be faithful at all times till death do you guys apart. She can let you stay in a motel if you guys are fighting but she guarantees that you won't fight cause she is the sweetest person who is humble and respectful. She doesn't have a husband because they left her because she doesn't know how to cook, always serve food from franchise.

Meet Asandra, she is a young a successful lady who owns a company that sells make up and specs online. She has other companies from over seas but it's not making money like the one she owns in South Africa. The company she own in South Africa supply most celebrities online with make up and one lipstick sell for R250. She also make a daily profit of R70k and in a month she can make R1 million.

She already has couple of millions already at the bank but needs companion. She is willing to pay R150k a month to be her lawful wedded husband. Increase will be determined by what you do. She is a very happy person that when she is too happy she talks about R500k a month which she keeps her happy talks but can reduce it of you don't stick to the rules.

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