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Please men Never be Too Quick To Tell A Woman you love These 5 Things.

Most guys believe that a lady has to know certain things, and that you must stare at her for a long time before deciding whether or not to tell her. 

1. Never reveal the price of items you buy for your mother to your woman. 

I understand she has no right to inquire about the cost of the items you purchased for your mother, but you must keep it to yourself and never open up to her, since she may become envious, and you and she may develop misunderstandings. Also, never tell your mother the price of something you acquire for your lady since she can become unhappy about it for no reason other than she wants to protect her son and make sure he doesn't spend all he has on a woman. 

2. Don't tell a lady about your breakup with your ex.

Never tell your wife about your ex when you start a new relationship. Don't even bring up her name; simply let it go and concentrate on developing your new relationship to its full potential. 

3. Never tell a lady about a flaw. 

Some ladies are unprepared to deal with your flaws since they believe they have their own and can't deal with yours, therefore it's best if you keep them to yourself and fight them until you overcome them. 

4. His family issues or challenges 

Many men make this mistake, which causes the woman to lose respect for his family as a result of what he told her about their family. No matter what, you do not have the right to open up your family challenges to your girlfriend, only your wife. I know there are some good ladies out there who can assist your family in overcoming their challenges, but be the man and know what to do. 

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