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Rendani Has A New Man And She Has Not Completed Her Mourning Period


She is always unlucky when it comes to men. Whenever she fell on love with someone it will always end in tears. The Mukwevho household tried to look for a men for her but she lost him. She was busy with Hulisani and she did not want to give the other man a chance to show her how serious she is. She has become too soft when it comes to men. She got married to Hulisani without her parents consent. They tried to earn her but she did not want to listen to anyone. She told them that she loves him and she wants to be with him. Things started to go south after realising that Hulisani is still gambling.

She tried so hard to keep up the relationship but it did not work out. His gambling issue got out of hands and there was nothing that she can do to save him. Hulisani got killed and it was sad. She is still mourning him though people will want him to pay for the debts that Hulisani made. There is this new man who seems to genuine but something is off about him.

He has been trying to be so sweet and start but something is just off about him. The first red flag that he did was to get a spare keys without Rendani's consent. He did it just to surprise him. He is busy trying to promise her heaven and Earth and there is more to the story. Imani told her to first do background check about this guy. They find that he was once married and the lady passed away. Imani wanted to continue but she stopped her. She is so soft when it comes to men. She just give in so easily and that is the reason why the take advantage of her. Soon or later the Identity of Tshireletso will be revealed.


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Hulisani Mukwevho Rendani


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