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" My father is dating his son's baby mama "-Lady tells a story of how her father betrayed the family

Wangu Makhetha took to twitter to air her family's dirty laundry and everyone is shocked. She says her father is dating her brother's baby mama and the family accepted their relationship. They started the relationship when her mother was still alive and the only one who knew was her brother. When his father was confronted, he denied it. They only stopped hiding after her mother's death. The girl is now sleeping with the old man in their mom's bed.

"My father is dating his son's baby mama. Back in 2013 my brother impregnated some girl and her family came to my house to inform my family. Both my parents weren't working then, my brother too, so they couldn't afford to pay damages. They asked to be allowed to take care of the child's needs and the families had an agreement. My mother was so happy, she was going to have her first grandchild from her first born. My brother didn't really do much."

"The girl started having an affair with my dad. Nobody really knows how their relationship started. All we know is that the girl would stay up watching TV with my dad. My brothers and I started not liking her. Even my dad seemed not to like her. He would ask my mom why she let her stay when she's only supposed to drop the baby and leave. My mom died and they stopped hiding. They are still together and we have accepted. The girl is my age, 29. My father 57. Both unemployed. He feeds her the food we buy. Men are horrible spicies." She said.


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Wangu Makhetha


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