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How You Can Build Trust In Your Relationship

It is true that one of the biggest human needs is to be liked. Surprisingly, it appears as if such desires are constantly linked to one another, much like how car and fuel demand are linked. To be honest, no one wants to be loved without also wanting to be trusted. Even while the urge to be trusted is strong, few people truly understand it.

MISTRUST appears to be one of man's (both men and women) illnesses. Everyone wants to be trusted, but not everyone is willing to reciprocate. Most partnerships (especially marriages) that were expected to continue longer have fallen apart due to mistrust between one or both spouses. When both couples are victims of mistrust, the situation becomes disastrous.

However, even though trust is rarely rewarded, it is still possible to earn it.

There are two strategies to increase trust in your relationship:

1. Tell and

2. Share.

When both parties "tell" and "share" everything that is going on around them (most especially the ones that happen behind the knowledge of their spouses). Even if our spouse has already received a MISTRUST award, he or she will be obliged to enter the sphere of trust.

Tell and disclose anything that happens behind your partner's back, particularly those involving the opposing gender:

When you get home from work or your place of business, tell him or her everything that transpired.

Tell and discuss whether you are tempted by the opposite gender.

Tell and discuss if a lady/guy is on your neck despite your best efforts to decline.

Tell and share if you are encountering any difficulties at job, church, school, or gatherings.

Share and explain if you have any intentions to carry out any project, such as buying a car, building a house, applying for a job, obtaining an employment letter, and so on.

Tell and share EVERYTHING that is going on around you that your spouse isn't aware of because it makes him/her feel like a part of your life. In exchange, he or she will put their trust in you. Keep nothing hidden from him/her!

"What if he/she takes advantage of your 'telling and sharing'?" One could be tempted to inquire. That's when maturity takes over. That is not how mature people think or reason.

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