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My love story with the man l love most

It was Friday, the weather was all cool and perfect. I was all happy and energetic so l decided that l will not sleep but work through out the whole night. Saturday morning 6 am as l was feeling sleepy and tired of exhaustion of typing all Friday night long, l decided to go the close shops and get myself a Redbull energy drink. 

I was wearing a jogger short, feeling all sleepy at the Spaza shop as l was waiting for the shop keeper to come and serve me. As l was standing half asleep and half awake l was awakened by a loud voice from a slim guy wearing a track suit pair of trouser and a white vest. He was yelling at the top of his voice calling, “Obama, can l have chappies. He was carrying a R0,50cent coin. I was shocked by his loudness early in the morning. He seemed in a hurry though. After arguing with Obama who was refusing to give him two chappies chewing gums, he left with one equivalent to his R0,50 cents.

I admired his energy levels that were all high early in the morning. I felt a feeling different about him but l could not figure out what was it. I bought my Redbull and left. I called Mbali who is my landlord’s daughter to ask her who was the guy. After describing him to her, she said that is Kyle my best friend. Time went and l forgot about him. One day just after a week l saw him, l asked Mbali to bring him over for a chilling session. The guy came, as we were all chilling after introductions and stuff, l decided to roll a joint of weed. I asked him to take a few pulls and he did with no opposition. The herbs of immortality showed him flames and he was loud, free and all outspoken. 

Days and weeks passed. We got used to each other. The feeling l had for him was confirmed. I was in love with him. I was all scared to tell him, l tried by all means to hide my feelings. The more l saw him, the more the spark grew. To worsen the situation l used to accompany him late 3ams everyday after every chill session so l used to hug him. The hugs added flames to an already glowing splint. One lazy morning l woke up, wrote him a poem about how l feel. The poem poured out my juicy feelings l had for him. I was shaking as l was waiting for his response. The whole day was upside down as l was all nervous. He decided to come over and we talked face to face. He opened his chest as he did the first night l knew him formally.

After the chilling session, l accompanied him as usual, hugged him more tighter as l used to do. After the tight warm feelings arousing long hug, he looked direct into my eyes. I saw the green light, in my heart it was a sign of a kiss. We kissed for the first time. His lips were all soft, sweet and yummy. My heart raced extra fast. My blood heated up quickly fairly distributing feeling all over my body. I felt love for the first time in 25years. We separated as he went to sleep. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I went straight to bed. Took a pen and a paper and poured my heart all out describing how amazing our first kiss was. The terminology l used in the writings of that day was all inspired by boiling feelings that my body was trying to calm off. Weeks passed, we kissed more often and extra more deeply. Each kiss transported me from planet earth to our own sweet planet full of pure love. 

Deep feelings sprouting healthily from my heart taught me that l am in love with him, not just any ordinary love but all pure, deep, juicy, spicy love that only comes once in a life time. He is all fun, loud, sweet and sassy. He is an angel to me, mind l remind you that l have dated before but this time the angle of feelings is all a hit vibe.

 Everyday l when l wake up, all l anticipate to see is him. When l am with him all things stop, l see them all paused as l enjoy complementing him how handsome and spicy he is. At times he drives me all mad by not answering his calls, whatsapp messages and smses. He is my all weakness. He is love to me that helps me defy all odds and push all impossibilities. Mohale is best in kissing, he is the standard of how a human being should be. His white sparkling and extremely well packed teeth combined with his softiest lips make me go insane and want him most everyday. He is a ball of positive energy. He is all humble and collected. It became more concerning to me when l kept on telling him how much l love him as he never said it back to me. He said the day he will tell me that, the earth will turn upside for me and l will feel it that day. So one horny night as we were all kissing madly, l told him that l love him most, “Oh my word”, he whispered back in his golden cosmic hunk voice and said, “l love you Tim”. Holly mountains, my world turned and l felt a dose of pure love drip into my heart. I used to watch movies where people die for love, now l understand. Love at first site, we are still getting used to each other but for me l feel like l have know him since birth. I love him with all of me, l love him  with every fibre of my being.   

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