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Don’t Wear this 5 Things When You are Going to a Date


What you dress on a date can make a significant difference. Preparing for a date needs serious thought and planning. That is, we are not referring about date night apparel for a night out with your long-term partner or significant other. Instead, date attire for a get-together with a fresh suitor must be carefully considered in advance of the event. 

You don't want to look too sexy, too thrown together, or too calculated when you dress for a night out. The goal is to be comfortable and charming without being overly exposed or revealing. You also want to appear as though you are yourself. Having said that, you don't want to give any inadvertent or mixed messages, so be careful. It goes without saying that what you dress transmits a multitude of different messages to your date. Selecting your ensemble is a vital step in creating your look. All of the things that you should never wear on a date are listed here. 

1. Think twice about wearing thigh-high boots on a first date. 

Boots that reach your thighs are a complete no-no when it comes to dressing appropriately on a date. Josie May, a love and relationship coach, pointed out to The List that these sexy stompers are actually a pair of sexy stompers "When you're out dancing with your girlfriends, you might want to dress up. Unfortunately, when they are out on a date, they give off a hooker vibe." 

2. Clothing that is too tight will not be comfortable to wear on a date. 

Psychologist and author Antonia Hall advises against wearing clothes that don't quite fit right when getting ready for a date, especially if they are too small. "It's important to be comfortable when you're getting ready for a date," she says. In her opinion, "if your clothes are excessively tight, it communicates to the other person that you have low self-esteem and are attempting to garner attention in the wrong ways." As well as fiddling with your clothes, you'll be a distraction to both of your companions as well. 

3. Avoid dressing in clothing that is too loose for a date. 

Choosing the other approach and dressing in clothes that are loose and falling off your body on a date can give the impression of being sloppy and uninterested in either yourself or the date — or both — or both. 

"If your clothes are baggy and loose, you'll appear as if you didn't put forth any effort and don't really care," says Antonia Hall, a psychologist and dating specialist. As a substitute, she suggests that you "dress something that fits well and shows off your shape without being overtly sexual, and you'll make the best impression." 

4) If you're going out with someone, maybe avoid wearing tight skirts. 

As a rule of thumb, tight skirts should be avoided on a date, according to Diane Pollack, a New York City-based wardrobe expert and stylist. Pollack advises against wearing tight skirts since they can ride up and cause you to be fidgeting with them (and therefore visibly uncomfortable) instead of concentrating on the discussion or how lovely your date is, as Pollack explains in her book. 

5. When deciding what to wear on a date, it's best to steer clear of distracting patterns. 

Prints that are distracting are undesirable since they pull attention away from you. "When dressing on a date, avoid all prints, logos, and anything else that draws attention away from you," says Emmy Award-winning stylist David Zyla, author of Color Your Style and How to Win at Shopping, in an interview with The List. If this is the case, Zyla recommends that you concentrate on certain bodily real estate while picking what to wear on a date.


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