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I Killed Her Because She Dumped Me After I Got Her A Driver's License And Everything

Every couple goes through trials every now and them, but that doesn't stop them from loving each other. We sometimes get into relationships with nothing and our partners help us up, and we become somebody in life. The sad part is that most times when we receive these favours we don't own up and thank those people who helped us to get where we are today. This is what happened to one couple, and things took a different turn.

A guy helped his girlfriend to become better when he decided to get her a passport and a driver's license, and he then also helped her get a job. This is a remarkable thing a man can do for his lady, and it shows how serious he wants the relationship to be. Things took a turn after the lady has achieved everything and her life is flourishing. She woke up one day and decided to dump her boyfriend, and that became the saddest moment of his life.

He then turned into a revenge mission and killed her. What this man did is the saddest thing he could have thought to do, he could have opted to reason with her in a civilized way. We all know that when you do something for someone, it doesn't guarantee you that they owe you. Everything you do for your partner is out of love and an investment. Men need to find a way to deal with anger, and they also need to know that they can't use favours or material things to make women love you. If the love is no more, then there is nothing you can do but to move on.

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