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Nosipho Is In An Abusive Relationship, Will She Be Able To Get Out Of It?


Nosipho has been through a lot since her mother left her. She has been going through a lot. She has been trying so hard to fight for her life. She was living with Nkunzi who treated her like nothing. She was almost buried alive but she managed to escape. She had to start a new life. She went to live in her mother's Shack. She decided that in order for her to get her life back she needs to start something. She started a business as a loan shark. Everything has been going well for her and she is becoming a woman she always wanted.

She started her relationship with Nkululelo and everything was going well. They have been working together and he has been helping her as a guard. Whenever someone is taking time to pay Nkululelo will start to threatened the person so that he or she will pay.

Nosipho has been threatening him unfairly at the begging but she realised her mistake. Nkululelo started to be abusive towards her and at first she thought it was only for one-day. Nkululeko's behavior is getting out of hands. He is starting to be more controlling. He told her that he should stop wearing reaving clothes. He told her that people should know that she is her boyfriend. Nosioho is in a situation where she does not know what to do.

She has been desperate and she cannot handle to be alone. She tried to stand up for herself but Nkululelo is very much powerful towards her. She has been trying hard to tell him that he needs to stop beating her up. Nkululelo just agree for some few minutes but he will continue again. Gender Base Violence is very much serious and she needs to get out as soon as possible.


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