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Divorce Affair

Check out what his side chick did to him after he lied to his wife about going to a business meeting

See what happened when he lied to his wife that he had a business meeting and his mistress punished him by making him call her every hour. 

Infidelity, also known as cheating, is defined as engaging in sexual activity with another person while married or in a committed relationship. In most contexts, cheating means engaging in romantic or sexual activity with someone other than one's significant other in violation of a promise or commitment. 

The mere urge to have sexual relations is enough to motivate some people to cheat. Opportunities or unfulfilled sexual needs can also play a role in driving infidelity motivated by desire. But someone whose only motivation is sexual gratification may actively seek out sex partners. 

Cheating is possible for both men and women, regardless of how much they love their significant other. They may behave this way if they aren't getting their emotional needs met, if they have low self-esteem, if your relationship with them is rocky, or if they're going through some other major problem in their life. People who have difficulty expressing their feelings may find it easier to simply lie about it. 

Speaking of unsatisfactory outcomes for cheaters, a 61-year-old man was photographed at the bus station with nothing but the towel around his waist after telling his wife he had to leave for a work meeting but was actually meeting his side woman. 

If there are any men reading this who still think infidelity is okay, let this be their example.


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