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Divorce Affair

Lady embarass a married man by going live on social media with him in bed as he tried to do this


Cheating is one of the things why marriages do not succeed, and cheating is not acceptable especially if you are married. Yes, you may do it before getting married, but once you get married, you have to know that you made the decision to be with that person for the rest of your life, and you promised that person a happy marriage life.

What we are seeing these days is not the case, people do as they want, and as they wish, even though they are married, and these leads to the downfall of many marriages. A lady took to her social media account sharing a live video of a married man who was with her, and as she was live like that, they were lying on the bed, and the men tried by all means to hide his head from the camera hoping not to be identified.

He would not be hiding if he was her husband, but because of that he knows that what he is doing is not acceptable and is very wrong, that is why he is trying to hide like that. This makes me wonder, why did he marry his wife if he knew that she is not good enough for her? These kind of things have to stop, people cannot just continue hurting inside because they got involved with someone who do not truly love them.

I do not understand why some people go to an extent of cheating on their partners. My question is what if his wife sees the video what will happen afterwards? Does he really care for the feelings of his wife or not?

What do you think about this as a reader? What is your take on this matter? How would you deal with a cheating partner?

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