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Husband and wife relationship

GogoSkhotheni: Tumi's Husband And Boyfriend Were In The Same Place Without Her Around

Now, one could say that Tumi's husband Monde and boyfriend Sbu have nothing to discuss because if Monde makes it possible for the discussion about the issue regarding them becoming brother husbands to happen, then it means he has agreed to let Tumi have her way.

Now, the issue of having more than one partner is never really fair in some instances and this does not matter if it is a man or woman taking more than one partner.

However, it has somewhat been accepted that men can have several women and of course, this is if they are able to provide for those women as they should.

But this is different when it is a woman who does this, there is so much that is being questioned and we have seen this on social media since Tumi mentioned that she wants to have a second husband.

Tumi is a traditional healer and she has mentioned that she is just doing what her male ancestors requires of her.

The ancestor, supposedly wants her to have two husbands, which is strange, but in the past few weeks, Tumi has made it clear that her husband will have to accept this, there is nothing he can do.

And it seems like she was right about that because surprisingly, Monde has not left, he is actually still with a wife who had an affair with another man without him knowing.

As it is, Monde is not even sure if the child that Tumi is carrying is his or not. The boyfriend (Sbu) is in the picture and he is here to stay, as we have seen in the latest episode, Sbu and Monde got together to talk about their situation.

So, Sbu called Monde and requested that they meet up and for some reason, Monde agreed, they even played a game of pool together in some place.

This was the first time being in one space without Tumi around, Sbu talked about how Monde will have to get used to what is going on because this is their new reality.

But, the conversation did not even last that long because as Monde mentioned, he feels disrespected by Sbu and it is hard to imagine how they are going to make things work when they can barely spend 20 minutes together.

As all of this is happening on the show, viewers on social media have mentioned that they have had enough of what is going on.

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